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Trumpton Bonfire videos from You tube including ours!

You tube video: 

Trumpton Bonfire 2015 - Grand Draw result.

We hope you enjoyed the best show that we have put on, we certainly did! It is a long hard time with over 2 years planning and building to put on such a show and many of my fellow Cavaliers, my self included, used the time after the event to take holidays to unwind because we couldnt have taken any whilst the build was progressing so please accept our apologies for the delay announcing the results of the draw.

Here are the results:

1st - M Jeffery of Torrington

2nd - G Sing of Northam

3rd - A Stacey of Langtree

Three Great Torrington Cavaliers celebrate their 80th birthdays

News Story from the North Devon Journal.

THREE members of a charity group who have been building and burning iconic landmarks since 1970 have celebrated their 80th birthday.

Our New President

We would like to congratulate Roger Davies who was voted in as The President of the Great Torrington Cavaliers at our meeting last week.

AGM 2015

We had our AGM last night and we invited our 2 probationary members to become fully fledged Cavaliers and in true Cavalier fashion they filled the 2 jugs with beer!

Congratulations and welcome to Andy Pitcher and Cody Marchant.

Cody's Father Kevin is a cavalier and his Grandfather, Bob Fisher, is also a member!


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