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We hope you are all safe and well!

We are currently assessing the situation with regards to our 2 events for our 50th anniversary, The Bohemians at RHS and our

Spectacular Mayflower bonfire for our 50th Anniversary.

Please keep an eye on this page and our facebook page for updates as they happen.

Thank you for your support and keep safe.


When we build a very large bonfire we need lots of fuel for it and good clean pallets are ideal for this purpose. They can also be used in a structural basis to hold the structure together.

Atlas packaging have been keeping us supplied for many years now and we are truly grateful for their support.

A Few words from our sponsor:


Seth Conway of Atlas packaging shortly after we erected the 1st parts of the masts:

We’re delighted to be helping the Great Torrington Cavaliers with their fantastic replica of the Mayflower.  Well done on a big milestone and we look forward to keeping you supplied with pallets.