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We are delighted to have Dartington Crystal as a sponsor for this bonfire. They have are supporting us both financially and with merchandise which allows us save on our expenditure and provide a very special unique draw prize for our 50th Anniversary!  Thank you so much for your support!

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A few words from Richard Halliday :

Dartington Crystal are delighted to support the Torrington Cavaliers in their 2020 Mayflower 400 bonfire event. As a Torrington business and employer we see the value of this charitable project to the local community, plus we are well aware of the high profile that the Mayflower 400 celebrations will bring to our region and beyond. We will be producing a selection of commemorative crystal pieces (linked to the Mayflower 400 programme of events) and it is great that Torrington has a part to play in them.



Pearce Homes and Pearce Construction are one of our sponsors they have helped us with a financial contribution and donated 2 site cabins. We really appreciate your support, Thank you!

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 A few words from Paul Knox ( Managing Director):

Pearce Construction and Pearce Homes are delighted to support the Cavaliers Bonfire 2020 as a sponsor. As a local business we have a very strong connection and history with Torrington and the community. It is so rewarding to be a part of the support network that enables the Cavaliers to raise so much money for good causes and like the Cavaliers, Building is our Business. 

Michael Sussex, owner of WMS has always been a sponsor / supporter,  and again he has sponsored us again financially allowing us to donate more money to charity. Thank you so much Michael & Anthea!

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A few words from our sponsor:


Westcountry Maintenance Services Ltd (WMS) are proud to support and sponsor the Cavaliers in yet another magnificent bonfire.  Anthea and I live in Torrington and are really proud to help in such a great event for the town.  We are very passionate about where we live and both believe Torrington to be such a wonderful town.  Let’s hope this bonfire will be one of the best so far and raise a large sum of money for charity.  Well done to the all the Cavaliers team.

Michael and Anthea Sussex



We were delighted that A-plant were able to sponsor us for this build. There is a lot of expense staging an event like our 2020 bonfire and we do use a lot of plant and equipment hire both during the build and on the night. A-plant have allowed us to offset the costs we would normally have thus giving us the potential to give away more money to Charity and good causes. They are also helping us with our road closures. Thank you to Mike Abbott and Sophie Jones for arranging this sponsorship, we really appreciate your support, Thank you!

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A few words from Mike Abbott and Sophie Jones of A-plant:

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