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Bonfire 2015

Bonfire 2015 - Started Cladding - 5th July 2015

A bit of a slow start with the erection of the rest of the poles, logistical problems. We still crack on and keep the site as clear as possible, stacking the pallets within the structure and sorting the wood that can be used.

Thanks to Tamar Trading we had a good deal on stirling board so we have ordered some and the cladding has now started.

Below are photos of the first boards to go up on the windmill, 1 of the houses and part of the pub!

Power cable installed

The Great Torrington Commons Conservators have given us permission to install a power cable across the Old Bowling Green so that we can have a stable power supply for the bonfire. Thank you to the Conservators.

Planning Permission Granted

Torridge District Council have finally accepted our planning application for the Bonfire Build!

Thats everything in place for now to go for it!

The first hole and the First tree

Saturday 22nd March 2013

The first job of the morning was a cup of Tea at Greedy`s chuckwagon and then down to the site to start to mark out the main pole positions for the structure.

Trumpton Bonfire has started!

Saturday 15th March 2014

A working party met onsite at 10am to erect the HERAS fencing that will now mark the build area and also provide a safe barrier of the work site. IT LOOKS BIG!

Keep your eye on this site or our facebook page

Planning application re submission

Torridge District Council have again sent the plannoing application for bonfire back to us for amendment. We await their response and hopefully FULL Acceptance.

Itv westcountry clip from program

Please see the you tube video below. It was broadcast on Thursay 16th January evening.

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