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Bonfire 2015

27th June 2015 - build update

We set ourselves a target for the demolition of the workshop by the end of June 27th June, it had served its purpose but was blocking the full view of Trumpton

20th June - Windy`s windmill is complete!

Thanks to Elite Access Solutions for the loan of an elevating platform to fit the sails to the mechanism on the windmill. This was a much harder task than we had thought but the result was superb!

13th June 2015 (& 6th June)

Only 9 week's to go!!!

We were hoping to fit the sails to the windmill this weekend but it was too windy and the access equipment was not available. Disapointing because the impact of the sails will be huge. Hopefully we will be all go for next weekend.

Update 30th May 2015

Good progress made on:

The Fire Station

Chris Stacey, Alan Stacey, Mark Keeley and Andrew Morris

Crowning of the Windmill and Clock Tower - Update 23rd May 2015

The weather was perfect for the craning in place of Windy's Windmill and the town hall clock tower. There was no wind and a beautiful blue sky.

We called Brian Smith of KAS Crane Hire a week ago and there was no hesitation for this weekend. Thank You for your ongoing support.

The first to be lifted in place was the windmills top:

Draw prize presentation - Gibraltar 2015

As usual we like to have something unique for our draw prize and Gibraltar Crystal have made us a fantastic commemorative bowl. Gibraltar Crystal is situated in Casemates square and 3 of our Torrington Friends, Paul Alexander (Zoony), Stuart Shute and Stuart Quick, make the crystal which is shipped all over the world.

10 cavaliers travelled to Gibraltar last weekend for a hand over ceremomy of the bowl outside the factory and showroom;

Bonfire progress - 18th April 2015

The sun was shining and this made the team onsite even more enthusiastic:

Andy Pitcher has started making the roof of the Town hall and the Mayor is keeping a close eye:

Trumpton Trailer for the Plough.

This video clip is a trailer that will be shown before every film showing.

It was created by our Secretary's son Oliver.

Thank you to both Oliver and the Plough.

You tube video: 

Bonfire build update - April 4th

The sun was shining today and we again had a good team working on site. Things are moving on niceley.

The workshop is now in use where all the finer details are costructed in the dry with the necessary electric tools to hand. When we have finished with the workshop it will be turned into shops.

Trumpton - March 14th 2015

Another good team today. The ground was a mass of mud which didn't help much but good progress was made.