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Bonfire 2015

Bonfire 2015 - Planning Application

Our bonfire structures are so large that Torridge District Council request us to apply for planning permission! Sounds mad I know but we have had to do this on several occasions now.

The application and plans were submutted w/c 10th November 2013.

At our last Cavalier meeting we were advised by our chairman that the application has not passed the acceptance stage yet because there were problems with the plans in that they were not to scale! These will be submitted again ASAP.




A voluntary group that raises money for charity through high profile public events has announced ambitious plans for its next project, with the Plough Arts Centre and Macmillan Cancer Support named as the main beneficiaries from the event.

Bonfire 2015 - New Theme

As you were probably aware from the previous story about our next major bonfire event in 2015 the theme was to be Tower Bridge. There was much discussion after the decision and quite sometime had passed when it was decided that the structure was too complex and time consuming for the limited number of builders and the skills they hold so the theme was effectively cancelled for those reasons and the process started again.