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Past Events

Cavaliers - Carnival 2012

We entered into the spirit of the Carnival with our take on the Olympics! No one realised how fit we really were, they probably still dont! We were supported by the CWAGS (Cavalier Wives And Girlfriends) as the "Sinkchronised" swimming team. They were worn out and aching after thier long swim around Torrington!

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Great Torrington Mayfair 2012- The Cavaliers entertain

The crowds were patienly waiting for the Cavaliers to enthrall them as they have been used to now for some years! The rain just held off and what a show they gave! Chim Chim Cheree but with a difference!

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Mayfair & Carnival 2011

The Cavaliers were again actively involved in the celebrations this year.

It started with putting up the bunting and the "Us be plaised to zee 'ee" banner, then the erection of the bandstand and the fuzz (gorse) which was put up in the square on the night before. We will then of course have to recover everything!

On Mayfair morning we started early and helped put out the seating, erect the maypoles and anything else required of us.

Cavaliers do YMCA for Mayfair 2011

The Cavaliers again thrilled the crowds with their excellent dancing skills!!

Watch them in action by follwing the links below to YOUTUBE.

First Video

Second Video

Please make sure you are seated first!!!!!!