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Mayfair & Carnival 2016

Great Torrington's crowning glory, our Mayfair, on the 1st Thursday of May. The Cavaliers had a busy day setting up at 7am and entertaining the crowds in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Our excellent dancing team trained for many weeks under the direction of Teri Adams, what a hard but excellent job she did and we are extrememely greatful for her help. The theme was a tribute to a true music legend, David Bowie.

DSC_6583Flickr DSC_6590Flickr DSC_6605Flickr

In the afternoon we staged a very simple but very entertaining session;

Musical chairs and Hang Tough - The musical chairs was a 3 stage event the first for the under 10`s the second for the over 10`s and the 1 massive game for the Adults, it was a brilliant show.

DSC_6631Flickr DSC_6630Flickr DSC_6634Flickr

I dont have any photos of the Hang Tough yet as I was timing, so when I get some I will post them here.


Carnival Saturday 7th May

Our boys and the girls worked hard this year and won the Cup, the first time ever, well done! It was a space theme to celebrate Tim Peakes time in space.

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