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Chairmans Report.- AGM 2011

Here is the Chairmans report from our AGM February 2011:

Chairman€™s Report February 2011 Much of 2010 was taken up with our castle Bonfire, and as much has been written and said about this event I shan€™t dwell too long on this subject. I must comment though on the extraordinary commitment shown by the builders and the invisible, behind the scene workers. We, The Cavaliers, don€™t really have to sell ourselves and €œlarge it up€ so to speak as I ha€™ve found that others do that for us. I recall the Langtree Re-Unites write up in The Crier for example and the coverage we get from others who sing our praises and Torrington is still the envy of many local towns because of what we achieve. Our book, €˜Built to Burn€™ was launched in April and I applaud Bob Brewer'€™s magnificent achievement and Steve Blake €™s efforts in funding this excellent publication. I would like to thank Dave Kelly for his support this year too- and some help and suggestions he has given me when I ha€™ve been stuck. He probably can€™t remember them as they ha€™ve been mainly in the pub but it has been useful. My other mentor, Dick, has not been himself this past year but we all hope that he is back on track shortly, the battle won! The fun-day was a great success , washed out, but smashing fun. I recall Brian Smith commenting that Torrington people just come out for our events and sod the weather! The Banquet, Captain'€™s Dinner, Jolly Boy'€™s Outing and the memorable Children'€™s Hospice visits, both home and away, were true bonding events and very well organised indeed. The usual stuff too was performed with gusto at“ The Mayfair afternoon disappointed due to the rain, particularly after all the hard work Andy and Coppy etc put into the race organisation, but luckily the entertainers swansong event and in particular the Dancers carried the morning and were awesome. The Medieval Carnival was very well supported. Please remember though, that not all the jobs we have volunteered to do (which we have all voted on and agreed to do at some stage) are particularly “sexy” and we still need a decent turn out for these lesser jobs. We mustn€™t rely on just one or two regulars covering these jobs and please note Steve Young€™s comments reference NYE stewarding at our last meeting. There is usually some fun associated with these minor duties too. Finally, my thanks, not only to the officers “ Steve Young, Nick Hallam, Daz Nudds and Chris Tattersall, but to all The Cavaliers who help us to aim in the right and same direction. I said at the cheque presentations at the school that the Chairman is only as good as his supporting team – and you guys really do make it easy for me. I pay tribute and congratulate you all on another very successful year.

Chris Stacey. Chairman Great Torrington Cavaliers