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Chairmans Report AGM February 2010

2009 has been pretty well dominated by the 40th Anniversary Bonfire and Book and in particular their funding.
We do all the other usual ‘duties’ so I shan’t dwell on these other than to say that they were successful.
The lottery grant was turned down after two attempts. The first was due to them not receiving a copy of our constitution and because Dr Cramp as seconder was deemed unsuitable, and the latest attempt because “it didn’t reach the awards criteria”. I was extremely disappointed considering the amount of time and effort that went into these applications and the very good case we made for receiving lottery funding. We were fortunate that the Great Torrington Almshouse, Town Lands and Poors Charities Trustees offer was on the table, and the first instalment has been drawn down. I am sure that the book will be a success and that The Cavaliers, young and old, enjoyed reminiscing with Bob Brewer.
The Bonfire is progressing very well and the established builders of old, I know, are very impressed with the enthusiasm, attitude and commitment of our new recruits from last year. They have been an exceptional addition to our ranks.
I have been slightly saddened that some of our established colleagues haven’t been available to help and join in. I don’t necessarily mean the Bonfire as reasons were given and understood – but on the other duties and work parties that we all democratically voted on and accepted to do. There are still marquees to go up, Mayfair bunting, lights and other stuff that we have traditionally looked after. I do sincerely hope that we can all get back together again throughout this new year and all help each other for the common cause.
On the Bonfire front I would like to thank in particular the brains behind the build – Daz, Andy, Paul Copp, Paul Tilbury and Damien, as well as all the painters and decorators, labourers and bangers and hammerers. Their contributions have been extraordinary.
My thanks also to everyone involved in another exceptional Mayfair programme, which was enjoyed by all – Cavaliers, visitors and townsfolk alike.
I would also like to thank our officers for the way that they have performed their duties and the professional and cheerful manner they have discharged their duties. Their contributions help so much in the smooth running of The Cavaliers.
Finally I welcome our two new recruits, Neil Batty and Colin Bettis, to the Cavalier ranks. I am sure that they are honoured to accept their full membership to The Cavaliers and the respect that comes with it. I know that, like us, they will be proud to say…
“I am a Torrington Cavalier”

Chris Stacey