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Cavaliers family funday 2017 Cavaliers family funday 2017  What a fab day, the sun shone and we had really good turnout... More detail
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  • Our excellent team of Cavalier dancers had been practicing the ABBA routine for the past 3 months and what a show they put on well done lads!

    After a well deserved break for a drink or two came our afternoons event, keeping with the Swedish theme we staged the Great Swedish Challenge. Teams of 2 from the crowd entered to win £30 for 1st place and £20 for second. Each team had to dress in the swedish clothes and wear a helmet then run a meatball and spoon race to the top of the square where a jigsaw of the Swedish flag awaited (they didnt know it was painted on both sides!). When the flag was completed they ran down the square where they had to blow a peice of glass, as they do at Dartington, then run down to the finish. It was a great event enjoyed by all and our thanks go to those who entered.

    The winners are below collecting their prizes from our Chairman Mark Keeley;

    1st Place


    and 2nd


    Watch Video of the dancers

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