Sadly we recently had 2 incidents on the bonfire site:

There was a young man who climbed the security fencing to gain access to the site and climbed up onto the ship, no damage was caused but the fencing is up to protect the public and keep them out of the building site. Our CCTV system had good coverage of the bench the group were sat on and the 1 person who trespassed and we have a name of that person.

The second incident; someone broke into our charity donation box and stole the money with in it. Our CCTV system covers that location and we have downloaded the footage from the time frame and are currently viewing it to find out who the offender was.

Fortunately these incidents are not frequent but it deeply saddening for us all who put a lot of our own time into this only for someone to do something like this.

Our site is surrounded by security fencing, visited on a random basis by security guards and is fully covered by HD night vision CCTV.


Onwards and upwards we hope to be back on site building gain very soon, we have missed it.

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