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I think it is fair to say itâ's been a challenging year which was dominated by the choice of the theme for the next major bonfire. However the decision was finally made and we can now put all our efforts into making it a success to be enjoyed by all. Personally I believe it is a good choice as everyone we speak to about it is excited and interested it what we are going to build. I thank everyone for their patience and understanding throughout the process.

All the events we have run throughout the year have once again been successful and well received.

The May Fair celebrations and entertainment were, once again a great success with the dancers excelling themselves with another well oiled performance. The afternoon competition and Carnival were great fun.

The Revels afternoon/evening were well attended and helped to boost the coffers. Thanks to all the bands who turned up to play for free and all the wives partners and girlfriends as well as non Cavaliers who help out. Particular thanks to the guys who spent hours flipping burgers to help provide sustenance for the crowd and Cavaliers alike.

The pumpkin competition produced some fine specimens particularly those growing on the top of Simon's wall.

The November bonfire proved a bit of a challenge with the weather, but we have to accept that this will happen once in a while. I think we have been quite lucky so far that this was the first really bad year.

Christmas and New Year, what a great few days. I honestly think the grotto was the best yet, congratulations to all those who helped make it. And again a great morning giving all the sweeties away, well attended and appreciated by all.

The 1646 march again went ahead without any major problems.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with the other jobs we do throughout the year, which may not be as visible as other events but still need to be done

Thanks very much to all the officers for their help support and particularly to Chris Tatt for his time as treasurer.

But most all thanks to all Cavaliers for your help, support and enthusiasm and I look forward to another successful year.

Lets build a bonfire!!

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