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Our 47th AGM


Wow that went quick! Doesn’t seem like only 12 months ago I was elected chair.

Mayfair & Carnival 2017 was extremely successful;

 The Dancers done us and the town proud yet again!

 The afternoon entertainment was a great success with 2 youngsters, the winners, proving that never mind how much alcohol you consume you don’t get cleverer or faster. It was great fun!!

The look on their faces when they won was something to behold, future cavaliers/supporters!

 We came first in our Carnival category!  And no one seemed to notice the blue and yellow mix up with the Swedish flag or the magnificent presence of the King and Queen of Sweden.

The look on Willie’s and Margret’s faces sitting on the throne of Sweden was only surpassed when we presented then with the prize money! 

Family Fun Day 2017; another successful event, 

Was well attended with a lot of new faces who have moved in to the town  in recent years, we received a lot of compliments that it was a free event and the diversity of the entertainment provided.

 November Bonfire 2017;

 A superb event which saw a record attendance, a record revenue and a record time to reinstate the turf (just goes to show how much rain we have had since November).

 Christmas Give Away and New Years Eve:

 What a great few days; lots of fun, lots of laughs and lots of appreciation for what we do for the town. Many thanks to Damo for all his hard work, we will be hard pushed to replace him, if this is his last.

New Years Eve was, apparently, well appreciated by those who attended and we may well need to look at he timings for next year event. A good time was had by all. 

1646 March 2018;

 We kept the tradition going with another well attended event and there are rumours of a bigger push next year

 2020 Bonfire;

 Is our next big burn and lots of work is already underway by the officers and project managers my thanks to all involved. 

The oil that makes things happen; 

Bunting and Fuzz for Mayfair, Christmas tree and lights, Marquee erection, support of other events, willingness to engage with other events projects in the town we just do this, carried out with enthusiasm. 

I would like to thank the officers for their help and support through out my first year; I couldn’t have survived with out it. 

Most of all my thanks goes to all the members for their support, commitment and enthusiasm which makes being part of the Great Torrington Cavaliers such fun and a great honour. 

Mark Keeley-Chairman Great Torrington Cavaliers


It doesn't seem like 12 months since I was reading out last year's review, but here we are again looking back on another eventful  year when all events we ran proved successful.

We kept the tradition of the 1646 March going with another well attended event in February.

Mayfair and Carnival  was again a great success. The dancers once again proved very entertaining in the morning and the afternoon events proved once again how sometimes the simplest of ideas can provide so much fun and entertainment.

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I think it is fair to say itâ's been a challenging year which was dominated by the choice of the theme for the next major bonfire. However the decision was finally made and we can now put all our efforts into making it a success to be enjoyed by all. Personally I believe it is a good choice as everyone we speak to about it is excited and interested it what we are going to build. I thank everyone for their patience and understanding throughout the process.

All the events we have run throughout the year have once again been successful and well received.

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Chairman's Report - March 2015

Well another busy year, it only seems a short while since I was reading out the last Chairman's report.

Once again all the events we have run and jobs we have done have been successful and well received.

Mayfair and Carnival was a great success with the life size table football game proving very popular.

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This year's report should be quite easy all I have to do is go on a tour of last years Christmas card! For information the two people lying down under Roger's 70th birthday banner were me and Angie who fell over on the way home.

But, to recap in no particular order, we carried out our normal duties of bunting, NYE and Christmas lights.

We decimated the Common's stock of fuzz (Shaun) and carried Andy's balloons with pride as we once again led the Torchlight Procession. We drew the annual Weare Gifford Ashes Match and so retained the trophy. Kate and Wills wedding dominated Mayfair afternoon and carnival and once again the dancers performed on Mayfair morning with YMCA.

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